Shahnama Group of Super Deluxe Houseboats in Kashmir

History of Super Deluxe Houseboat

The Britishers during the colonial age were very attracted to Kashmir due to its wonderful climate. Britishers were looking for permanent stay here but got rejected by the Kashmir sultan at that time. However they got authorization to stay on the Doonga Boats on the lakes and rivers. Britishers renovated these houseboats (Doonga) to give them the convenience and pleasure they desired. This was the origin of the luxurious houseboats we see today. Ever Since the houseboats have seen continuously augmentations which include a front verandah, a luxurious living room, an elegant dining room, three or four luxurious bedrooms with attached bathrooms and an upper sun deck. The mesmerizing beauty of these houseboats is hard to believe.

Opposite from their cousin "houseboats from kerela" houseboats in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir are usually stationary. Most of the time houseboats in Srinagar are anchored at the edges of the dal lake. Some of the houseboats were built at the beginning of 20th century and are still being rented out to tourists. Houseboats in Kashmir .are made of wood and customarily have very elegant carved wood paneling. Like a hotel room houseboats in Kashmir vary from different types some having up to three bedrooms apart from a living room and kitchen. Each and every houseboat in Kashmir were built using the old age principles and techniques of boat building .all of the local carpenter use anjali wood in there work wooden boards were tied together using coir ropes. Shikaras are used as only mean of public and cargo transportation facility in ancient Kashmir.

Kashmir Valley was once known as the great lake Satisar. The ancient immigrants were fishermen and therefore, the only source of income was dwelling on the river. Their boats which were by thatch roofs were converted into the Doonga boats over passage of time. In the late years, these Doonga had been used as transportation vehicles by the great mughal empire. They further rehabilitated them for their own pleasure trips on the lakes during full moon nights with mesmerizing music and other pleasures of life. It was however during the British period which converted these boats into luxurious floating palaces with all the conveniences of modern living on the one hand and the treasure-house of the best handicrafts Kashmir has to offer. With carved walnut furniture, famous Kashmir carpets, embroidered soft furnishings, chandeliers and other luxurious fittings, the houseboats is like a floating jewel box. A houseboat is on average 70 feet long boats with 15 feet width in the central section. Houseboats were built using wooden planks that are stitched together by coconut ropes.

Many tourists from all around the wolrd are attracted to Srinagar by the charisma of staying on a houseboat, which provides the unforgettable memories of living on the lake in a cedar-paneled exquisite bedroom, with all the facilities of a luxury hotel. All houseboats in Srinagar are anchored along sidekicks of the Dal and Nagin Lakes and the Jhelum River, each of them is delicately built with elegant wood embroidery, and romantically named. There are different categories given to houseboats in Kashmir by the government. Department of tourism have graded them according to the facilities provided by houseboats in Kashmir.